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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

8 Antivirus to protect our computer

8 Antivirus to protect our computer

Bit Defender - This newly updated version of Bit Defender for 2008 has a new Gaming mode to ensure protection while not allowing pop-ups during game playing. They still offer all the services that they have been known for such as privacy protection and web scanning. It was awarded the top spot in the computer virus protection reviews because it is easy to use and install; it's overall effectiveness, can be updated regularly, and has great support.

ESET Nod32- This is said to be a simple, but very thorough security protection solution. They scored highest on effectiveness, support, and easy installation. In 2008, the ESET Nod32 received major updates while maintaining the high standard of security protection it has always provided.

Kaspersky - Kaspersky has received top ratings for the same above-mentioned aspects such as effectiveness and support. This software has received many awards from top organizations. It is one of the most advanced products available on the market today; it would be an ideal choice to protect your computer.

Norton Antivirus- Norton Antivirus is a widely known antivirus scanner and has been around for many years. It is the choice of many computer manufacturers who install it as part of their normal PC or laptop setup. The 2008 version is equipped with antivirus protection as well as anti-spyware detection. It is not one of my favorites as in my personal testing I have found it to be a resource hog and some end users have found it difficult to remove from their systems. Symantec are a well respected security software provider and constantly strive to update and improve the software they offer to their customers.

McAfee VirusScan - McAfee is a leading antivirus software provider. This software now comes equipped with extra features including an email scanner. It is not the best security option in my opinion but very popular none the less.

Trend Micro- Although this software may cause a slight decrease in performance of some basic home PCs,Trend guarantee that the security level provided by their software will more than make up for any slight decrease in performance that may be experienced. This software is aimed directly at the home internet user rather than larger corporations and receives high scores in all areas. The lowest score is attributed to the help/support section. Trend Micro is used by many people and is a viable security solution.

AVG AntiVirus - AVG: This year two previously separate products were merged with their award winning antivirus software to ensure improved overall protection for your home computer systems. They have also improved their scanning engine which should cut down on time taken to complete a virus and spyware scan. They also reported an overall decrease in overall system resource usage.

CA Antivirus- If you are looking to only detect and remove viruses on your computer then this may an option you would want to consider. This is the primary function of this product and it does not contain additional detection capabilities.

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